The TRAD Amplification DLX15 cathode biased 2x6V6 15 watt amplifier (shown here in unfinished tweed) is a touch sensitive and remarkably dynamic tone machine that allows you to go from complex, warm cleans and with a turn of you guitar's volume knob, push straight into the fat, rich, compressed overdrive that has defined the Tweed era sound. The DLX15 is regarded by many as the perfect studio amp owing to its ability to get a great range of sounds at lower volume levels. This allows for a much wider selection of microphones offering up a broader pallet of tones at your disposal. Now you're not limited to the venerable SM57 (a great mic mind you) for all of your recording sessions. Sensitive ribbon and condenser microphones that would be blown to shreds by bigger amps, sit in front of the DLX15 and just soak up the tone. The DLX15 is also a great amp for around the house, at the rehearsal studio and is right at home in small clubs.

TRAD Amplification DLX15 Amplifier Technical Specs:
Circuit Type: 5E3
Power Output: ~15 Watts
Preamp Tube: (1/2) 12AY7/Channel
Makeup Tube: (1/2) 12AX7
Phase Inverter Tube: (1/2) 12AX7
Phase Inverter Type: Split-Load
Output Tubes: (2) 6V6
Operating Class: AB
Bias: Cathod Bias
Negative Feedback: None
Rectifier Tube: (1) 5Y3GT
Speaker: (1) 12" Jensen P12Q
Price (Reduced): $1400.00*
*plus shipping and applicable tax

The controls on the DLX15 have been updated from the original and consist of:
Standby Switch (replaces the Ground Switch)
Fuse (2A)
Power Switch
Jewel Light (pick your color)
Tone (combined for both channels)
Volume (Bright), Volume (Normal)
Bright Inputs: (1) normal, (2) -3db gain reduction
Normal Inputs: (1) normal, (2) -3db gain reduction

TRAD Amplification DLX15 Control Panel