Welcome to TRAD Amplification... your home for tone.

If you are looking for TRADitional tone, TRADitional quality and TRADitional looks, TRAD has it. Our various amplifiers are all meticulously hand wired using vintage, all tube, circuits incorporating only the best components. From the top quality input jacks, through the correct vintage style resistors and solid core wire along with high end paper & foil in oil capacitors, all the way out to the speaker(s) you will find only the best hardware. We believe that circuits uncluttered with unnecessary components let you and your guitar sound their best. We also believe that you should be able to get your sound at a reasonable price. That is what we strive to accomplish... great tone at a great price.

TRAD Amplification would like to introduce the latest addition to our line of amplifiers... the PLX100. With our version of this British classic, you are not locked into what we think is the best version of the late 60s/early 70s Plexi spec Super Lead amplifier head, now you are free to choose what you think is the best sounding circuit. Can't make up your mind? No problem! We also offer the option of making these various circuit changes switchable. Now you can recreate the fat, thick tone of a '67 10000 series with its shared cathode and fatter caps or the brighter and edgier crunch of a '68 12000 series with its split cathodes and higher gain preamp section. Can't decide on the early or late tone stack? Yep, that's switchable also. Matching cabinets are also available. So, take a look and see what you think!

The offerings currently included in our Tweed line, consist of the DLX15 which is a single 12" ~15 watt combo utilizing the Narrow Panel 5E3 Tweed Deluxe circuit, the SPR30 with twin 10's at ~30 watts based on the Narrow Panel 5F4 Tweed Super Amp circuit and the TWN40 loaded with a pair of 12's running ~40 watts which is based on the Narrow Panel 5E8A Tweed Twin circuit. So take a look around, see what we have that fits your needs and let the tone begin. For more information on what goes into our tweed offerings and why, check out the INSIDE the Tweed page. For sample audio clips go to our CLIPS page.

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