Here is a breakdown of what goes into our tweed amps... and why.

We take great pride in selecting the very best components and taking the utmost care in assembling them so that you receive the very best quality and rock solid reliability from our amplifiers. Whether you are a bedroom blaster, a studio hound, a weekend warrior or a full time working musician, you can count on TRAD amplifiers to deliver for you day in and day out.

The cabinets for the tweed series amps are constructed from #2 pine, dimensionally accurate to the originals that they aim to reproduce, utilizing 1/4” finger joints for the main construction. The baffles are constructed using top quality, void free ply mounted using four screws as per the original. This construction allows the cabinet to sing and contributes to is lively musical quality and open woody tone. The amps come standard covered in vintage tweed and lacquered tweed is available. Should you desire another covering material, we have a wide range of styles for you to choose from. Lacquering as well as covering/grill cloth changes will incur an modest fee.

The chassis is manufactured with heavy gauge steel (note: DLX15 chassis is stainless steel which has been polished to a flawless finish) finished in deep chrome. All transformers and chokes are mounted using lock nuts rather than lock washers to guarantee that they will not loosen... ever. The chassis is also mounted into the cabinet utilizing lock nuts for the same reason. The eyelet board in constructed of a dense paper laminate with high dielectric strength and moisture resistance.

All capacitors are of top quality and chosen for their contribution to that warm, full and rich tone that the originals are legendary for. TAD® electrolytic filter capacitors of the correct values to ensure proper power filtration. TAD® electrolytic caps are also used in all of the bypass positions. Mojo® “Vitamin T” foil & paper in oil coupling capacitors are used for their full, open and vintage musical tone. Silver mica caps are used in the bright channel and other small value positions rather than the cheaper ceramic disc type for improved tone and reliability. Capacitors are considered by many to be one of the most, if not THE single most, important component in the signal chain and we have spared no expense to fit the finest, most musical caps we could get in our amplifiers.

All resistors, other than the dropping resistors in the power supply, are carbon composition. Some feel that they may be noisier but the minuscule amount of hiss generated verses the warmth that they contribute made their use a compromise that we feel come out on the plus side for tone. We utilize metal oxide resistors in the power supply and for the bias test points in the fixed bias amps. Wire wounds are used for the cathode bias/screen grids (depending on the type of circuit) due to their greater heat tolerance and reliability for that function.

The wiring is vintage correct gauge, solid core and cloth covered in order to maintain the correct sound as well as the correct look. Where it does differ is in its use of a PVC insulation layer under the cloth to insure safety. The heater wires are PVC multi-strand wire to better handle the high current demands of the tube filaments. We also directly wire all filaments to the transformers rather than the vintage method of routing the heaters through the chassis ground which helps to keep heater hum out of the circuit as well as incorporating an artificial center tap to reduce hum even further. All jacks and pots are buss wired to ground to help keep ground loops out of the chassis as well. This has the secondary advantage of eliminating ground issues in the event that a jack or pot loosens in its mounting.

We utilize Bourne® and/or CTS® solid shaft pots, Carling® switches & Switchcraft® jacks throughout the build for their renowned quality and reliability. All knobs are held with set screws rather than cheaper push on types. All power and rectifier tube sockets are ceramic rather than phenolic to eliminate the potential for heat related failures. All connections are soldered including any ring terminals in the ground circuit to guarantee a solid electrical connection. There is not a single crimped on, pushed on or wire nutted connection to be found in our amps.

Our amps come stock with a mix of JJ Electronic® and/or Groove Tubes® tubes fitted in all but the rectifier positions. We have found these tubes to be of solid and consistent quality as well as being reasonably priced. If you would rather have other tubes fitted (NOS or other brand current production), feel free to inquire and if we can get them, we can fit them and adjust the price accordingly.

Finally, we fit each amp with the correct vintage style speaker(s) to project the tone from all of those quality components as faithfully to the originals as possible. However, should you desire a speaker of your choosing, again feel free to inquire and we will fit any speaker you wish and adjust the price accordingly.

We hope that you will see that no detail has been skipped and that they all add up to give you what you deserve... only the best possible sound. Isn't that why we play?