Introducing the TRAD Amplification's PLX100. This 4xEL34 powered, 100 watt, "large box" head is modeled after the coveted late '60s/early 70's 1959 SL "Plexi" heads. These iconic amplifiers have have left their indelible mark on Rock'n'Roll both in years past right up to the present day. They also fetch a premium on today's vintage market. TRAD's version of this legend remains faithful to the circuit that created the "Stack" at a price that won't leave you feeling guilty for gigging with it. We also offer many options to choose from. Due to constant changes to the base circuit from 1967 up to 1973, these amps offer a wide range of tones form early model fat blues/rock crunch up to later model bright and edgy hard rock distortion. Rather than offer just one era circuit, TRAD Amplification offers you a choice. You can have your amp built to your choice of period specific component values or you can have them all. TRAD offers switching options that allow you to tailor your PLX100 for the tone you choose and allows for combinations that were never offered in the original. You also have the option of a half power (pentode/triode) switch as well as offering a PPIMV (Post Phase Inverter Master Volume) which is highly reccomended. TRAD Amplification also offers a wide range of Tolex/piping colors and styles allowing you to express your individuality.

TRAD Amplification PLX100 Amplifier Technical Specs:
Circuit Type: 1959
Power Output: 100+ Watts
Preamp Tube: (1/2) 12AX7/Channel
Makeup Tube: 12AX7
Phase Inverter Tube: 12AX7
PI Type: Long Tailed Pair
Output Tubes: (4) EL34
Operating Class: AB
Bias: Adjustable Fixed
Negative Feedback: Yes w/Presance
Rectifier: Solid State
Price (Reduced): $1600.00* Base
*plus shipping and applicable tax

The front panel controls on the PLX100 consist of:
Power Switch
Standby Switch
Jewel Light (pick your color)
Shared Tone Controls (Bass, Middle, Treble)
Volume (Hi Treble)
Selectable Bright Switch**
Volume (Normal)
High Treble Inputs: (1) normal, (2) -3db gain reduction
Normal Inputs: (1) normal, (2) -3db gain reduction
** Denotes Optional Features

TRAD Amplification PLX100 Front Control Panel

The rear panel controls on the PLX100 consist of:
Shared/Split V1 Cathode switch**
Early/Late V1a coupling cap switch**
None/Early/Late V2a Bypass Cap switch**
Early/Late tone stack switch**
Early/Late PI coupling caps switch**
Half power switch (Triode/Pentode)**
PPIMV (Post Phase Inverter Master Vol)
Speaker outputs (2)
Impeadance Selector
HT Fuse (1A)
Mains plug
Mains Fuse (2A)
** Denotes Optional Features

TRAD Amplification PLX100 Rear Control Panel