The TRAD Amplification 30 Watt SPR30 is the next step up from the DLX15 in terms of volume and punch. It seeks to emulate the often forgotten Tweed Super Amp of the late 1950s. Driven by an adjustable fixed bias 6L6 output stage, the SPR30 offers less “sag” or compression than the cathode biased DLX15 when pushed hard but it still compresses nicely due to the single tube rectifier employed in the circuit. It offers up great touch sensitivity and dynamics with a change in pick attack or your guitar's volume knob. With more power on tap, you get increased clean headroom for larger venues while still allowing you to push the output to attain a thick and complex overdrive, without blowing the room out. The twin 10” speakers push more air than a single 12” but being a 10” cone, the attack is a bit faster and immediate. This is a fantastic mid-sized amp that works well in a broad range of venues and sounds outstanding in the studio.

TRAD Amplification SPR30 Amplifier Technical Specs:
Circuit Type: 5F4
Power Output: ~30 Watts
Preamp Tube: (1/2) 12AY7/Channel
2nd Preamp Tube: 12AX7
Makeup Tube: (1/2) 12AX7
Phase Inverter Tube: (1/2) 12AX7
Phase Inverter Type: Split-Load
Output Tubes: (2) 6L6
Operating Class: AB
Bias: Adjustable Fixed Bias
Negative Feedback: Yes
Rectifier Tube: (1) 5U4G
Speakers: (2) 10" Jensen P10Q
Price (Reduced): $1600.00*
*plus shipping and applicable tax

The controls on the SPR30 have been updated from the original and consist of:
Ground Switch (not hooked up, can be used for mods)
Fuse (3A)
Power Switch
Standby Switch
Jewel Light (pick your color)
Presence (combined for both channels)
Bass (combined for both chanels)
Treble(combined for both channels)
Volume (Bright), Volume (Normal)
Bright Inputs: (1) normal, (2) -3db gain reduction
Normal Inputs: (1) normal, (2) -3db gain reduction

TRAD Amplification SPR30 Control Panel