The TRAD Amplification 40 Watt TWN40 (shown here in lacquered tweed) is the largest amplifier in TRAD's Tweed lineup in terms of sheer volume and articulation. Driven by an adjustable fixed bias 6L6 output stage, the TWN40 offers the least amount of “sag” or compression of all our tweed amps due to the twin rectifier tubes employed in the circuit. If you desire more “sag”, you may also remove one of the rectifier tubes to develop a more compressed tone. In either configuration, it still offers up great touch sensitivity and dynamics with a change in your pick attack or your guitar's volume knob. With this much power on tap, you get the maximum clean headroom for larger venues. While still allowing you to push the output to attain a thick and complex tweed overdrive, this amp will need a larger venue to accomplish this. The twin 12” speakers push more air than the twin 10's of the SPR30 and being a 12” cone, the attack is a bit rounder and smoother. This is an amp that was made for your big venues or smaller venues requiring your cleanest tone. Like all of our amplifiers, this one also sounds fantastic in the studio.

TRAD Amplification TWN40 Amplifier Technical Specs:
Circuit Type: 5E8A
Power Output: ~40 Watts
Preamp Tube: (1) 12AY7/Channel
2nd Preamp Tube: 12AY7
Makeup Tube: (1/2) 12AX7
Phase Inverter Tube: (1/2) 12AX7
Phase Inverter Type: Split-Load
Output Tubes: (2) 6L6
Operating Class: AB
Bias: Adjustable Fixed Bias
Negative Feedback: Yes
Rectifier Tube: (2) 5U4G
Speakers: (2) 12" Jensen P12Q
Price (Reduced): $1800.00*
*plus shipping and applicable tax

The controls on the TWN40 have been updated from the original and consist of:
Ground Switch (not hooked up, can be used for mods)
Fuse (3A)
Power Switch
Standby Switch
Jewel Light (pick your color)
Presence (combined for both chanels)
Bass (combined for both channels)
Treble(combined for both channels)
Volume (Bright), Volume (Normal)
Bright Inputs: (1) normal, (2) -3db gain reduction
Normal Inputs: (1) normal, (2) -3db gain reduction

TRAD Amplification TWN40 Control Panel